Architecture - Energy Efficiency - Renewable Energies

Contemporary architecture needs to be ecologically and economically sustainable and promote our integration into the socio-cultural and natural environment. Energy efficiency saves valuable resources and reduces the need of energy during construction and operation of the structure without compromising the life style of its tenants. Thanks to modern technology sources of renewable energies encompassing the building can be harvested to cover the need for heating, cooling and electricity.

With a plus-energy building you gain independence and you reduce your long-term impact on our environment. What will be the building standard of the future, is already possible with todays technology. With our experience we will build your plus-energy house for YOUR future.


Dear client, customer, colleague,

The company name has changed from Nelson Solar GmbH to Nelson Architech GmbH. A new website is being currently designed with a new content. Please check back with us toward the mit/end of September again.

Thank you.

Eric Nelson

September 5th, 2016